'Cockstar' Arrives From Falcon Studios

Lila Gray

SAN FRANCISCO —Falcon Studios, San Francisco-based gay adult producer, has debuted “Cockstar.”

The latest film directed by Tony Dimarco stars A-Team exclusives Ryan Rose, Sean Zevran and Johnny V, plus Lance Luciano, Brandon Jones, Luke Adams and Alexander Gustavo.

Falcon defines a “cockstar”: “He was born to do this. His confidence is unshakable. His charisma is mesmerizing. His swagger is unmatched and nothing satisfies him more than showing off his talents for the world to see. Is he a rock star? Porn star? No, he’s much more than that. He's a ‘cockstar.’ Now get ready for a hell of a show.”

“These incredible men command the attention of thousands of viewers, and that’s what makes each of them a ‘cockstar,’” explained Dimarco. “They’re true performers who put on an ovation-worthy, passionate and intense show with their ripped bodies and huge cocks, and I wanted to give fans a front row seat to all the action.”

"The best stars in the industry aren’t just hot, horny men — each one is a ‘cockstar’ who wants to put on the hottest show for all the fans,” Falcon Studios President Chris Ward said. “Whether they’re fucking or getting fucked, they get turned on and deliver amazing performances because they know that thousands and thousands of admirers are at home watching them and getting off with them.”

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