Nadia Styles in New ADT Interview

VENICE, Calif. — Nadia Styles has enjoyed a career in the adult industry, but her sex life began before she entered porn.

In a new interview with Adult DVD Talk, Nadia discusses one boyfriend out of many who was preserving his virginity by only having anal sex with her.

“I always had a boyfriend,” she told ADT’s Captain Jack. “My mom used to tell me, ‘You change your boyfriend just as often as you change your underwear!’ I always, always had a boyfriend. I never wanted to go to school or anything, I was always ditching class.”

“One of my solid boyfriends in high school, he was an honor student and captain of the baseball team and he was super religious and now he’s a pastor,” she reveals. “He didn’t want to have sex with me in my vagina because then it meant that he lost his virginity. So he would fuck my ass all the time.”

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