Mr. L.A. Leather Speaks Out Against AHF's Cal/OSHA Protest in Oakland

Lila Gray

LOS ANGELES — Mr. L.A. Leather,  Eric Paul Leue, attended today’s Cal/OSHA protest put on by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation in Oakland, Calif.

According to, Leue has a long history as an activist in the LGBTQ and leather communities and wanted “to dispel the propaganda AIDs Health Foundation was spreading at the protest.”

AHF recently released a statement that explained its rationale for protesting yesterday in front of downtown Los Angeles' Cal/OSHA office, citing Cal/OSHA's "five-year bureaucratic delay and inaction updating the state's bloodborne pathogens standards to better protect adult film workers and strengthen and clarify regulations on condom use in porn productions."

In a video that can be seen here, Leue explains that the group of protesters that showed up in support of AHF fail to realize that in pushing mandatory condom use on porn sets, they are silencing performers’ voices.

“They talk about condoms, only they don’t talk about choices,” Leue says. “They don’t talk about testing. They don’t talk about PrEP … This is discrimination, and taking away people’s freedom to choose what happen to their own body. This is a PR stunt by the AHF and nothing more.”

“It is THEIR body. NOT Weinstein’s,” Leue’s protest sign reads. Michael Weinstein, the current president of AHF, has spearheaded the organization's crusade to mandate condom use in porn. 

Former adult performer Cameron Bay showed up, amongst others, to protest on behalf of AHF. She contracted HIV last year, and has since appeared at hearings in favor of mandatory condom use on all porn sets in California.

To read the Free Speech Coalition’s statement regarding AHF’s protests, click here.