TemptMeTeaseMe.co.uk Helps Brits Boost Sex Lives

Stephen Yagielowicz

BIRMINGHAM, U.K. — The Observer has released the results of its 2014 sex survey, which reveals that Brits have suffered a drop in their libido during the past four years, and are turning to adult toys to spice up their sex life.

The last time the survey was carried out was in 2008, and a comparison of the two surveys reveals that the economic downturn has affected confidence between the sheets as well as in the workplace, but it’s not all bad news, however, as the Fifty Shades of Grey effect is still apparent, with erotic products and sex toys scoring highly particularly amongst women.

According to a spokesperson for Birmingham based adult novelty retailer, TemptMeTeaseMe.co.uk, sex toys have been popular in the U.K. for some time.

“The popularity of sex aids and sex toys haven’t diminished despite the drop in the sex drive of Brits,” the spokesperson says, adding that “approximately half of all participants said they had used sex aids.”

A total of 46 percent of survey respondents said they had used sex aids, with far more women than men confessing to the deed, with 52 percent using them compared to just 39 percent of men. Gay couples were also more likely than straight couples to use sex aids, with 66 percent compared to 44 percent admitting to having tried them.

The Observer sex survey shows that less than one in three Brits described their sex life as adventurous, with nearly four out of ten suggesting that sex is essential to keep a relationship going. Nearly two thirds of people said that they were satisfied with their current sex life.

While 43 percent of Brits read erotica such as “Fifty Shades” at least occasionally, more than half of respondents — 57 percent said they had no interest at all in picking up a sexy book. The survey shows that erotica is particularly popular with women and the higher classes of society, with more than half of all women in general — 53 percent — said they read erotica at least periodically whilst 62 percent of those in the highest classified social group, those deemed to be “social grade A,” also said they liked to use erotica.

Erotic fiction author Jodi Ellen Malpass agrees that women prefer erotica to outright porn, and providing the tone is right, enjoy reading stories based around naughty sex. She believes that many of them will go on to buy sex toys or find other ways, such as dressing up, to spice up their sex life as a result.

Some experts suggest that the results of the Observer’s sex survey show that increasing dissatisfaction with sex is not reflective of a downturn in drive, but rather a heightened demand for better experiences.

Respected sex educator Justin Hancock suggests that Britain is currently in a transitional stage where it is pushing back boundaries and re-examining what counts as sex, going on to say “People have a much broader idea of what sex means, and the different range of sexual activity that they can take part in.”

This includes activities such as spanking, frottage, anal sex, fetish dress wear, which are all becoming far more mainstream than in the past, according to last year’s National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles, with online sex shops such as Tempt Me Tease Me stocking a diverse range of toys, clothes and aids to reflect this growing demand from the British public.

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