Director Ivan to Shoot Next Chapter in 'Roadside Killer' Saga

Lila Gray

LOS ANGELES — Adult and mainstream director Ivan has announced that he will begin shooting the next chapter in his "Roadside Killer" saga, thus returning to one of his favorite genres: horror.  

Ivan has spent the last several years shooting adult content for Puba. No stranger to horror, Ivan has had success combining his passion for horror and porn with titles like "Dawn of the Head" and "Texas Asshole Massacre." 

The third installment of Ivan’s horror-comedy series "Roadside Killer” will also include a dose of humor. According to Ivan, parts one and two of this series were hits with fans and met with success on the film festival circuit. Both films were featured at the Sacramento Horror Film Festival, which invited the filmmakers as special guests in both 2007 and 2008. The movies were also screened as part at Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors. 

For the third installment, Ivan is dipping into the adult talent pool for some help. "In the first two 'Roadside Killer' movies, we used people from the adult industry as actors and crew," Ivan said. "We are going to do that again for number three, but plan to expand on that by giving adult performers bigger roles, while also using them behind the camera." 

Ivan's background and experience in horror films goes back a number of years. He has a bachelor's degree in cinematography and motion picture, has shot over a dozen indie horror films and is re-entering a genre where he has received critical acclaim.

Fangoria Magazine hailed his work as "inspiring future of horror filmmaking," and Rue Morgue magazine declared his work reminiscent of "Sam Raimi and Sam Peckinpah, in terms of filmmaking and cinematography." 

Ivan reports that “Roadside Killer” is a low-budget indie film, so the search for talent in front of and behind the camera will be about “experience and art without a big payday.” 

"We have to make these movies for next to nothing," Ivan explained. "We can offer cast and crew experience and a whole lot of fun making a horror flick." 

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