Video: Nikki Benz Courts the Elder Vote in Toronto Mayoral Race

Lila Gray

TORONTO — Crossover sensation Nikki Benz is featured in a new Funny or Die video poking fun at the current race for mayor of Toronto — with the help of writer/producer Ethan Cole's grandparents.

The new video can be seen on YouTube and FunnyOrDie, and was the subject of a story by the Huffington Post. It currently boasts more than 53,000 hits on YouTube.

Benz made national headlines after she announced in May that she wished to run for mayor of Toronto, which was picked up by TMZ and the Huffington Post. XBIZ recognized Benz' success with a 2014 nomination for Crossover Star of the Year. 

"Although I am not actually running for mayor, I was asked by Ethan Cole if I wanted to try something funny for Funny or Die,” Benz said. “I couldn't say no. Comedy is always something that I have had fun doing. It was all done in good fun and his grandparents are great sports."

Benz was denied entry into the Toronto mayoral race last May because her Ontario license had expired. The race is being held to replace the controversy-fraught incumbent, Rob Ford, who admitted to smoking crack during his time in office and is now reprtedly battling cancer.

In the video, Cole explains to his elderly grandparents why Benz would make an ideal candidate, despite her current profession as a porn star. For one, she agrees to turn all bike lanes in to wheel chairs lanes and open up more bingo centers throughout the city.

“If you’re sick and tired of dirty Toronto politics, let me inject this town with a clean, fresh start,” Benz says in the video, dressed as a sexy nurse and holding an oversized syringe.

She injects Cole's grandma, who admits, "I feel better already."