Sheri’s Ranch Brothel Offering 1st Legal Nuru Massage in the U.S.

Bob Johnson

PAHRUMP, Nev. — Sheri’s Ranch brothel announced that it offering the first legal Nuru massage in the U.S.

The operators explained that Nuru is a full body massage where the masseuse uses her entire nude body to stimulate her naked client. Both participants are covered with the lubricating, seaweed-based gel, which allows for arousing “body slide” activity. The practice has been popular in Japanese bathhouses for several decades.

Because Nuru was created for sexual purposes, the Ranch said it is an underground, illegal prostitution practice in the U.S. Exchanging money for a Nuru massage can get a client or practitioner busted by law enforcement officials in an embarrassing sting operation. “Until now, if you wanted to purchase Nuru massage services, you had to risk your dignity and reputation,” Sheri’s said.

With the opening of the Nuru specialty room, customers can enjoy a pay-for-play sex massage, lawfully and safely.

“We’re pleased to offer our current and future guests this incredible new service. We went to great lengths to ensure that Sheri’s provides the authentic Japanese Nuru experience. Not only do our courtesans perform the only legal Nuru massage in the U.S. but they also practice the best, most sensual erotic massages available anywhere,” brothel owner Chuck Lee said.

Lee noted that he was a former law enforcement official who took over and remodeled the resort.