Jodi Taylor in New DreamZone, Jules Jordan and Evil Angel Releases

VENICE, Calif. — It’s a triple play week for fans of Jodi Taylor, with three movies coming out.

Jodi stars in “Cape Fear XXX” from DreamZone Entertainment, “Orgy Masters 6” for Jules Jordan Video, and “Spontaneass 2” for Aiden Riley/Evil Angel.

“’Spontaneass’ was fun,” Jodi says. “It was basically just a movie about Spiegler girls hanging out, talking and then randomly fucking. Literally, the way we ended up fucking was so random.”

“Lea told us how she put baby carrots up her ass once, so we all decided to try it. Then insanity ensued,” Jodi revealed. “It was probably some of the most fun I’ve ever had.”

Next week fans can look forward to “The Booty Movie” from ArchAngel, directed by Mimefreak.

Fans can also listen to a recent interview she had with