Brandy Aniston Features in Pittsburgh at Penthouse Club

VENICE, Calif. — Turning 30 can often be a dark moment, especially for a beautiful girl, but Brandy Aniston has embraced her new decade with all the passion and excitement she brought to the last one.

Last week she and her friends rocked the Playhouse Hollywood in a birthday celebration.

“I want to send a big thank you to Playhouse Hollywood and to Jamie Barren for my party,” Brandy said. “I had the most incredible, memorable night ever! I mean the cake! Everything was perfect and it made turning 30 not so bad.”

Rick Garcia photographed the entire night, so if Brandy tries to turn 30 again next year she’ll have to figure out how to keep him quiet.

Now the party heads east where Brandy is featuring this Thursday through Friday, Oct. 23-25, at the Penthouse Club in Pittsburgh.

“I’m thrilled to be at the Penthouse Club Pittsburg this week,” says the Danni Girl of the Year. “I will have my clothing line in tow, so fans can purchase my clothing by Sex Addict, photos, videos, lap dances and more while I’m there.”

The Penthouse Club is located at 1620 Pennsylvania Ave. in Pittsburgh.

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