LELO Launches Limited Edition 8-Slot Shelf Counter Display

Lila Gray

SAN NJOSE, Calif. — LELO has announced the launch of a limited edition countertop display case to coincide with the onset of the busy holiday shopping season.

Presented as a means to help boost sales through the rest of 2014 and into the next year, the displays will ship free to retailers with a minimum $500 order of LELO products.

The Limited Edition 8-Slot Shelf Counter Display, which will be available exclusively from LELO to the U.S. and Canada for a limited period of time, showcases eight LELO pleasure objects on a series of stair-like shelves.

Built into the display are charging cords for additional functionality, as well as a backlit, interchangeable image panel in the center.

The counter display is also packaged with a series of cards featuring the company’s personal massagers, and can be used to customize the display to a retailer’s specific needs.

Available now for shipping until the limited stock of 8-Slot Shelf Counter Displays runs out, LELO says this is only one of the ways they will continue to provide support to their retailers throughout the upcoming Christmas and Valentines’ Day holiday seasons.

Retailers can contact a local LELO sales representative or email usa@lelo.com for more information.