Doc Johnson Now Shipping 'CANDiLAND SENSUALS'

Bob Johnson

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, California — Doc Johnson announced today that it is shipping its new line of CANDiLAND SENSUALS body products and seeing healthy orders.

“Since its introduction at this past ANME Show, CANDiLAND SENSUALS has been very well received, so it is no surprise that we are already seeing so much buzz with this line," said Scott Watkins, vice president of sales and marketing.

He added, “From all indications thus far we anticipate sales for this collection to set new record highs in our body products category.”

The new collection includes premium water-based glides, body-sprays, body Icings, and glycerin-based warming massage gels. Available in flavors such as cotton candy, peppermint stix, strawberry bon bon, marshmallow fluff, and chocolate kiss, the company said the formulas not only taste like they sound but deliver long lasting results for extended love making.

“It has been a lot of fun taking part in developing this line of formulas with Cheryl Hanslip our private label executive, as well as the rest of the team,” COO Chad Braverman said. “It was especially important to us in developing CANDiLAND SENSUALS that we created formulas that are spot-on with the name of the flavor on the label, yet still deliver quality results for optimum performance that we are proud to put the Doc Johnson brand name on.”

Doc Johnson noted that all premium formulas are body-safe, long lasting, sugar-free, paraben-free, vegan friendly, and made in America.

Merchandising tips, selling points, and plan-o-grams are available for product promotion; as well as product testers that come with the purchase of the entire CANDiLAND SENSUALS plan-o-gram.

For product information, as well as catalogs, supplements, marketing materials such as posters, signage and postcards, email