Q&A: Revel Body CEO Robin Elenga Discusses Innovation With SOL

Ariana Rodriguez

SEATTLE ­– Last year Revel Body arrived on the pleasure products scene with “the world’s first sonic vibrator,” and is now following up that release with an upgraded version of its flagship product, the Revel Body SOL.

Revel Body CEO and founder Robin Elenga says the new SOL is more powerful, quieter and lasts longer. Additionally the Revel Body SOL features a unique vibration speed called “Om,” which is inspired by the meditation mantra.

In this exclusive interview with XBIZ, Elenga breaks down all of the unique functions of the latest development from Revel Body.

What are some of the improvements that were made to the Revel Body?

With the Revel Body SOL, we greatly improved the overall performance across many aspects of the product. We completely redesigned our proprietary motor, driving electronics and software to increase sensation. This greatly improved the power, making it up to 40 percent more powerful at some settings. This has made Revel Body SOL the most powerful battery-powered vibrator that we have tested.

Revel Body SOL has been reprogrammed to have different speed settings, including the Om speed (132.1Hz), making it the first vibrator to run at this sacred speed. The piston and tips were redesigned to allow for increased pressure when using the product. The user can press up to five times harder before vibrations fall off.

We included big improvements on noise.  Noise is a big focus area for us, as it is one of the main complaints about vibrators. It is very challenging to make vibrating things silent as noise is a vibration, but we are getting there. The increase in power in SOL made this even more difficult, but we were able to make great improvements. Our lab tests show that the Revel Body SOL is much quieter than competing products.

We also improved the underwater suction and vibration feature of the Revel Body SOL, which is a favorite feature of many of our customers. SOL is waterproof and can be used normally underwater, but users can also flip it around and use the backside underwater. The piston movements create vibration waves in the water, as well as suction, without making physical contact. It is a really unique and fantastic sensation.  The Revel Body is the first vibrator that we know of that shakes the water around a clitoris as well as creating suction.  This is something you have to feel to believe.

We also wanted to make sure Revel Body vibrators were still one of the most reliable on the market. We have an extremely low warranty return rate, and our products outlast many other products we have tested.  Where many products die in an hour, we ran one Revel Body 24 hours a day for 35 days and it had no noticeable wear. 

What inspired its redesign?

When we designed the original Revel Body we wanted it do two things; it had to be discreet, as well as ergonomic to hold. We used the inspiration of a tennis ball, which is known to be one of the most comfortable handles for humans; it allows your hand to relax, blood flows freely and it is easy to articulate and control. We have a pretty detailed design philosophy, but it can be boiled down to wanting to create sophisticated, respectful products that are focused on function.

When we prepped to launch SOL, we used the same basic form but wanted to make some incremental improvements to improve the user experience. The buttons are now indented, which allows users to more easily find and use buttons in the dark.

The piston has a removable silicone end cap, which makes the piston and tips easier to remove. It has also massively improved the underwater function. The piston tips are now interchangeable. The original came with one piston. SOL comes with three improved tips, which is a great value, since the tips can drastically change the sensation.

What is “the power of Om” and how did it inspire the technology of the Revel Body SOL?

There are several Om frequencies. The best known one being 132.1Hz. This is the sound you hear people humming during yoga. There is a long history of people finding pleasure and healing with these frequencies, but until now the only way to create those vibrations was with a tuning fork. 

The Revel Body uses our proprietary TrueSonic vibration motor, which is computer controlled. We can precisely generate virtually any vibration. We decided to incorporate the Om frequencies because we are looking for ways to make pleasure products more accessible to a wider audience. Revel Body SOL is the first and only powered vibrator that we know of which runs at Om frequency.

What does SOL mean?

Sol means sun. Our branding is very wellness oriented and one of our trademarks was PositiveGlow, which describes the feeling after a healthy sexual experience. Like general fitness, we think that sexual satisfaction and wellness are integral to people’s health and happiness. We hope that people will use Revel Body SOL as a general wellness device as well as a sexual stimulator and that they will have better lives because of it.

Tell me about the underwater function of the Revel Body?

Revel Body vibrators are very versatile and the underwater function is just one of the many ways to use it.  The underwater suction kind of feels like a jet on a hot tub, but instead of just pushing against you, the Revel Body’s underwater function pushes and pulls and generates suction.  

The way it works is that underwater the user uses the reverse side of the Revel Body.  The backside of the piston moves in and out and when the case of the Revel Body is pressed against the body it creates a pretty intense sensation of vibration and suction. Each of the different speeds feels quiet different, so users typically play around for a bit to find the setting they like. But, when they do they love it. It has been described many times as being better than the best oral sex that a user has experienced. We call it Best. Bath. Ever.

How is the SOL different from the original Revel Body? Will the original model still be available?

SOL has many improvements in performance, features and value over the first version.  The original version has been discontinued.

To see the new Revel Body SOL, click here.

How has Revel Body evolved as a company?

We are right where we thought we would be in the market and are as excited as ever about the company’s future. We have proven our original thesis about the company; that better vibration is possible and will be valued, that mainstream consumers would be attracted to sophisticated and discreetly designed products, and that we have the opportunity to create a new category of products.

We have had great success in getting into distribution channels globally. We are with the best distributors around the world and have received offers from many others. We recently launched in the U.K. with Pasante, the worlds biggest privately held condom manufacturer.  They were looking for a great vibrator to take mainstream and came straight to us. We are very excited about the partnership as they sell to resellers in the sex channel as well as several mainstream channels, it will be a great experience.

Our core value proposition is in making better vibration. Where most vibrators have a single motor, which operates in about 10 percent of the range people can feel, we have developed about ten motors and counting. This will allow us to output virtually any vibration.  The big question is: What is the best vibration to provide? And we are sorting that out quickly. We see a huge opportunity to build better products that improve sensation, remove the issues that cause consumers complaints and help to make these products mainstream and accessible to everyone.