LovePalz Social Network Lets Strangers Control Each Others' Sex Toys

Lila Gray

TAIWAN — A Taiwan-based interactive pleasure products company LovePalz has launched a social networking site that allows strangers to connect and control each other’s sex toys.

LovePalz launched in 2012 with its first teledildonic products, Zeus and Hera, allowing couples to have long-distance sex with web-controlled sex toys. 

Soon after, LovePalz reports that customers began asking if LovePalz could develop a social function. Two years later and  — voila! — LovePalz Club is in beta.

BetaBeat reporter Jordyn Taylor contacted LovePalz spokesperson Viv Lu to get the scoop.

“We do hear those valuable suggestions and that’s why we will combine interactive toy and social platform as our brand new product to make the world more interesting and exciting,” Lu wrote. “LovePalz Club is a revolutionary social platform for lovers, husband and wife or even strangers to embrace the interactive sex toy and social platform at the same time. This is a brand new idea and the evolution of social networking.”

Getting started on LovePalz is simple — users just sign up, create an account, choose a flattering profile picture and begin picking out potential cybermates. 

If two users “approve” each other, the site alerts both of them. A one-way approval remains unknown, similar to the way Tinder and OkCupid work.

The network provides a platform for text and video chatting, as well as a very unique opportunity to connect “physically” with the company’s new teledildonic device, the Twist, which has both male- and female-specific version.

The Twist was designed specifically to jive with LovePalz Club and can be used solo or with a remote partner over the Internet. Via LovePalz, partners (strangers, friends or couples) can ideally manipulate the others’ toys speeds and vibrations.

Lu told BetaBeat that those who used the service “just love it” and are even “addicted” to it.

LovePalz Club will be Beta testing until Oct. 12.