Hot Octopuss Offers Money-Back Guarantee on Pulse for October

LONDON — U.K.-based pleasure products innovator Hot Octopuss will be offering a money-back guarantee on its signature sex toy, Pulse, to male customers who purchase the so-called “guybrator” during the month of October, which happens to be National Prostate Health Month.

“We firmly believe everyone should have a healthy, happy sex life — and the most common feedback from men using Pulse is how they have experienced increased libido and the desire to masturbate more often as a result,” said Pulse co-creator and Hot Octopuss CEO Adam Lewis.

“With the advent of smartphones, expanding workloads and social pressures, it’s harder than ever for people to get excited about their sex lives,” Lewis added. “It’s a massive concern that men everywhere are worrying about lagging libidos, and we believe we can help. What better way to show our belief in our product, than to offer a money-back guarantee?”

There is a slight catch: male customers who decide to take advantage of the money-back guarantee will be required to post a personal Facebook status (tagging the Pulse Facebook page), announcing “Despite trying Pulse, I still suffer from a lagging libido and poor sexual prowess.”

Valid proof of purchase during the month of October, via the Hot Octopuss online store, is also required.

According to the U.K.’s National Health Service, it is estimated that half of all men between the ages of 40 and 70 suffer from erectile dysfunction to some degree.

Pulse, with support from the sexual health community, has billed itself as an alternative approach to addressing erectile dysfunction.

According to Hot Octopuss, the oscillating technology behind the reigning XBIZ Couples Sex Toy of the Year allows users to ejaculate without the need for an erection, which could potentially combat psychosexual issues without the need for health practitioner intervention.

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