NakedSword Unveils Leo Forte's 'Hotel Hook-up'

John Sanford

SAN FRANCISCO — NakedSword Originals on Friday debuted the first episode of its new series "Hotel Hook-up" filmed on location in Chicago earlier this year during Grabby Awards weekend.

The new series was directed by porn star and Chicago native, Leo Forte, who showed that three years of studying as award-winning director mr. Pam's protégé has paid off, the company said.

The series gives audiences a look into what happens in a variety of different hotel hook-up situations that play out everyday in hotel rooms around the world.

NakedSword's "Hotel Hook-up" explores "the one place where pretty much anything goes, where you can let your hair down, scream, fuck, make a mess, shower and even order champagne afterwards."

In the first episode of the series called "Daddy's Boy" hotel guests Aleks Buldocek and Seamus O’Reilly make the most of their time in the hotel as evident by the chemstry in the debut episode now playing only on

Forte remarked, "Everyone knows a lot of sex happens at hotels so I really wanted to bring some of those scenarios that play out in hotels to light, especially since a hotel is usually considered a 'no tell' situation. I wanted to show everything from anonymous sex to partners getting away for a crazy sex filled night." 

He added, "In addition to shooting the hotel action, I wanted to include lots of B-roll of Chicago as it really isn't utilized in gay porn production so I wanted to take the opportunity to showcase the beauty of and the beautiful men of my hometown." 

Regarding the first scene, Forte continued, "I love the idea of shooting guys who are really into each other and that's exactly what we have with Aleks and Seamus. I paired them because they are totally one another's type and it shows on camera as the sex in this scene is really fantastic."

NakedSword's Director mr. Pam gives her understudy two thumbs up, "I couldn't be more proud of the way Leo's first movie turned out! From the inherent sexiness of the hotel sex concept to the pairing and filming of the scenes, everything just turned out perfect. I can't wait for everyone to see this series!"