Icon Male's WWII Drama 'Prisoner of War' Releases

Lila Gray

MONTREAL — Gay romance studio Icon Male’s WWII drama, “Prisoner of War,” is now available on DVD.

From Mile High Media and director Nica Noelle, “Prisoner of War” showcases the darkly erotic trials of American POW’s and their Nazi captors, caught between war and lust.

The cast includes box cover models Tommy Defendi and Ludo Sander, as well as Ty Roderick, Liam Harkmoore, Billy Santoro, Colt Rivers, Rob Yaeger and Brandon Wilde.

“I have a fascination with World War II, and with the 1940s in general. It was such an intense, scary time, yet as a nation we were still so innocent,” Noelle said. “I wanted to bring that tone to ‘Prisoners of War’ — the juxtaposition of fear and terror, but also a type of innocence and charm. It really came through with the phenomenal cast.”

Noelle explains that many of the characters in her film were consciously tailored to the personality of the actors. Because Rob Yaeger speaks fluent German and by Noelle’s account is a brilliant actor, she wrote the part of the sadistic Nazi general especially for him. Ty Roderick, she says, has a “timeless, damaged hero quality,” and so felt he would shine as the American soldier who risks his life to turn the tables on his captors.

“The guys really got into the spirit of their roles, probably because the set felt so authentic,” Noelle said. “All the props you see in the film are World War II, American Army-issued gear.”

The film description sets the action in 1942, where young American soldiers are risking life and limb to fight against the threat of Nazi invasion. But when a sadistic German officer (Yaeger) captures angry Private Roderick, a different kind of power struggle begins. Gorgeous-but-deranged POW Defendi turns on his own young comrade (Sander), while Private Wilde is forced to give up classified information.

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