Bonnie Rotten Wins Award of Honor in Barcelona

VENICE, Calif. —  Bonnie Rotten has been given the Salon Erotico Award of Honor during the Klic Klic Salon Erotica Expo in Barcelona, Spain.

The star is also signing at the Salon Erotico BCN booth at the expo.

“I’m super excited to meet everyone in Spain,” Rotten said. “I have heard the show is nuts so I'm really looking forward to the experience. Spain has always been a dream for me and of course you all know Spaniards are my fave to fuck. So this will be epic.”

Rotten noted that in an interview with NOW! while in South Africa she made some comments that might prove confusing to the "ever-softening male community."  “I think chivalry is dead. You know how women are constantly saying that they want men to talk to them and tell them their feelings blah, blah, blah? Well, men have begun to do just that over the past few decades, and it's kinda pushed women away from men, because men have always been the strong, silent type, it's just this really weird psychological thing.”

She also did an interview with Jacaranda FM in which she discussed sexual openness and how it may have hurt the emotional connection people are supposed to obtain from sex. “Because sex is now such an open thing, and people are having sex so often, I think the connection is lost,” Rotten said. “I think a lot of people depend on sex and you know... That night out, instead of the next day and waking up and spending their day with someone. There is no emotion, it's so much more physical now than spiritual. But that's just my opinion.”

Rotten noted that "Rocco’s Perfect Slaves 5" (Evil Angel/Rocco Siffredi), in which she appears, releases this week. She will stop in Hungary this month to shoot with Siffredi again. “I was so excited and nervous to work with Rocco as he is someone I have always looked up to in performance,” Rotten said. “We had great chemistry and did an amazing scene. There is much more coming from us soon so stay tuned.”