Anastasia Pierce Productions Debuts Superhero Fetish Parodies

Bob Johnson

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Anastasia Pierce Productions has debuted superhero fetish parodies "Scarlet Witch” and "Black Cat.”

“I have been wanting to put my own spin on the superhero genre for quite a while. One with a fetish twist,” said performer and director Anastasia Pierce.

She added, "I have been shooting these types of scenarios for years for private collectors and for fans but this is the first time I have decided to release full adventures to the public with strong characters, great plots, lots of cat fights and super-heroines in peril; which my fans don’t ever seem to get enough of.”

Pierce plays both main characters in the films. She noted that The Scarlet Witch is from the “X-Men” series, while the Black Cat is based on Marvel adventures.

Other characters include Batwoman, Black Widow, Ms. Marvel and Spider Woman played by Kendra James, Goldie Blair, Angela Sommers, and others.

Pierce said more adventures and characters are also being filmed and being added to the series. She noted that the superhero universe crosses from Marvel to DC, but the characters stay true to their creators.

“Why not? The genre is so popular with fans and they want to see their favorite characters together, in the most intimate and exciting situations even if they were never meant to meet,” Pierce said.

The director noted that the costumes are as sexy as they were meant to be, and the locations and actresses are a perfect match to the characters. The films also possess fetish scenarios in character, and super heroines in distress. Both movies contain several sexual adventures, bondage, and sexual super heroine fights that get "nasty and erotic."

Both films are distributed by Pulse Distribution.