Brandi Love Named Top 10 Finalist for ‘Miss FreeOnes’

VENICE, Calif. — Brandi Love’s popularity during her 11 years in the adult industry has been primarily thanks to fans and their insatiable appetite for the amiable and busty MILF.

Consistently near the top of the FreeOnes ratings, she has made it to the third round in two categories for the “Miss FreeOnes” contest.

“With thousands of the top stars represented on Freeones, I’m humbled to be considered anywhere near the top,” Brandi said. “It tells me that I’m connecting with fans on some level and that’s really what this is all about.”

She is listed among the top finalists in both the “Best MILF” and “Best OCSM” categories.

As of Tuesday, she starred in the top two MILF videos on FreeOnes.

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