CrakRevenue Rolls Out CPA Network for French-Speaking Affiliates

Lila Gray

MONTREAL — CrakRevenue has rolled out a French version of its CPA network, now available to native French speaking affiliates.

CrakRevenue notes that it is no stranger to the French language given its roots in Quebec, which is home to a predominantly French-speaking population.

“Not only did we want to make our innovative platform available to all native French speakers, 15 percent of our partners and some of our most dedicated affiliates are French-speaking,” said Vincent Frechette, CrakRevenue’s sales director. “It only made sense.”

“This is only the first step of many,” added Frechette. “We fully intend on offering a broader range of multilingual versions of our successful platform.”

The company invites native speakers to try out the newly translated system and test it for themselves.

For more information, visit CrakRevenue's blog here.

CrakRevenue is a Quebec City, Canada-based CPA platform that has, since 2010, provided web traffic monetization and online marketing solutions for adult markets.