ABS Holdings Adds New Products, Adjusts Pricing

Bob Johnson

LONDON — U.K. adult wholesaler ABS Holdings has announced the distribution of a series of new products along with price changes.

The company said it has added the Penthouse Reality Girl dolls range in an exclusive U.K. arrangement with Topco.

“At ABS Holdings we have a doll for all occasions. From the cheaper, less detailed models, through our executive range to now, the Reality Girls,” said Glenn Wilde, senior sales executive.

He added, “The Penthouse Reality range are solid, stunningly detailed and, for that final touch of excellence, come with warming rods to complete the experience. We had one at eroFame last year and they were a real draw to the stand. They offer different strata to the doll market, which has been neglected for a long time. They are made from an IsoFoam core covered in soft CyberSkin with hand painted detailing. Each comes with a vibrating bullet that offers six functions of vibration and every hole offered up has a ridged tunnel for extra pleasure. They do have to be seen to be believed, we were so impressed that we managed to secure the U.K. exclusive distribution deal.”

ABS is also offering the entire Bath Mate range that includes the Spartan, Barbarian and Gladiator cock rings.

“The Bath Mate power rings have been introduced do to very high consumer demand. The rings are made of elastomex a trademarked material, which is a propriety blend of TPR and TPE. The rings are very strong and flexible and have passed strenuous product testing. Initial sales are off the chart, which had led to producing being ramped up to avoid going out of stock,” Bath Mate’s Tim brown said.

The company also announced that the full range of Lelo products are now available again at ABS Holdings.

“Basically, we listened to our customers and many requested Lelo items that we had previously discontinued,” explained Wilde. “We have always had a great relationship with Lelo, and their products represent the higher echelon of our industry. Their extremely high quality design and manufacturing, coupled with an unparalleled branding and customer appeal means Lelo has remained a constant best seller for us. Thanks to a restructure in our stock holding portfolio the decision has been made to offer the entire range of Lelo products so as to satisfy the demands of our customers. As of now, the accessories and any models previously removed from our listing are now available again.”

ABS is also reducing the price for the Tenga range of Eggs, Cups, Flip Holes and the 3-D Collection.

“ABS Holdings has always offered the best, most competitive prices it can and where possible will pass down price reductions to its customers. So it is great news for all our Tenga customers that we can actually reduce prices beginning in October,” Wilde said. “I’ll be the first to admit that it doesn’t happen as often as everyone would like, but it is a refreshing turn of events that we can reduce the prices on one of our best-selling ranges. Hopefully, it will enable even more of our customers to stock the Tenga range and will help make even higher profits.”

The wholesaler is also offering the range of Dark Stallion anal toys that includes eight new items, all made from high-grade silicone and packaged for both the gay and straight markets. They are also priced to sell.

“The Dark Stallions are a great new range, now available from ABS Holdings. The range comprises vibrating and non-vibrating butt plugs of varying sizes as well as two dual-ended plugs for twice the fun. Every vibrating item boasts ten functions and three of the range are butt plugs with attached cock rings. Not only are they all made from high quality silicone, to ensure a smooth, silky finish and high levels of body safety, they are designed to appeal to all lovers of anal play,” Wilde said.

He added, “Another really important point with this range, and one that is sure to widen their appeal even further is the amazing price at which we we can offer them. The Dark Stallions range has everything going for it, design, quality and price. Saddle up and gallop away with a new best seller.”

For more information about the products, email sales@absholdings.com.