Inked Angels Talks to Dana Vespoli

VENICE, Calif. — Dana Vespoli was recently interviewed for Inked Angels by The Bob, who explored different issues in pornography and her product in particular.

She discusses, with examples from her own experience, why raunch needs to make sense, and also goes into detail about the different parts of her directing career, including the difference between what she does for Sweetheart and for Evil Angel.

“The stuff I do for Evil I shoot myself,” she explains. “There are some things I can’t shoot for Sweetheart, and that’s fine. Evil Angel is the sprint, when you go balls out and you just try to see who gets to the finish line first. It’s very aggressive.”

“Sweetheart for me is the long race. The endurance race,” Dana adds. “So it’s like races where you do like six miles and it’s based on time, you’re not actually nose-to-nose with anybody. It’s relaxing and I feel like I get back to intimacy and it’s really formed a lot of the way I shoot my Evil Angel now.”

She has learned that in both cases she can’t shoot just for herself, that she always has to keep the audience in mind. She needs to find a balance between what gets her off and what interests the viewer.

“Politics of race and gender and all these things maybe is not the kind of fare that people wanna jack off to when they have twenty minutes for lunch,” Dana says. “I’m really wondering what to do, I mean my sales are affected when I do something that’s upsetting. Good reviews don’t always translate into sales and as somebody who makes a living at porn, I have to be mindful that the stuff that people like to see from me and will pay for is stuff like ‘Fluid’ and the TS stuff that I do, and the stuff that I enjoy.”

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