Shine Louise Houston Featured Filmmaker at PornFilmFestival Berlin

Lila Gray

BERLIN — Pink & White Productions director Shine Louise Houston will be presenting a retrospective of her works at the 9th annual Berlin PornFilmFestival on Saturday, Oct. 25 in Berlin.

Houston joins fellow adult filmmakers Joanna Angel, Ms. Naughty, Antonio da Silva and Jan Soldat as one of five directors to be highlighted with "Filmmaker in Focus" festival screenings.

The annual event showcases innovative, risk-taking visionaries from film, photography, performance and music to challenge the genre of erotic film. Festival curators Jürgen Brüning, Manuela Kay, Claus Matthes and Jochen Werner show a collection of works “with the mission of portraying an uncensored response to social and aesthetic questions of how we represent ourselves as sexual beings,” a release stated.

Houston will be screening selections to illustrate her artistic evolution, including her 2005 dyke cult classic film debut "The Crash Pad," Feminist Porn Award's Movie of the Year, "CHAMPION: Love Hurts," chronicling an MMA fighter love story, and her later genre-pushing video projects, like "BED PARTY," which breaks down the porn wall in a porno vérité portrait of a kinky porn couple.

Though predominantly recognized as a lesbian porn director, Houston says her curiosity and appreciation for diverse genders and sexualities has led her to explore masculine beauty, notably in "Heavenly Spire."

“For Houston, intimacy is pornographic, and her work as a sexual narrator and erotic documentarian of queer, alternative sexualities has captivated audiences for nearly a decade,” a release stated.  

A Q&A with Houston will be held following the screening. 

PornFilmFestival Berlin takes place Oct. 22-26 at Cinema Moviemento. For more information, visit