WoodRocket Parodies 'Worst Movie Ever,' 'The Room'

Lila Gray

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. — WoodRocket.com, the studio behind “Game of Bones” and “Doctor Whore,” presents an adult spoof of one of the most popular and inscrutable cult films ever made, “The Room.”  

Considered by many to be both one of the most successful midnight movies of all time and one of the most terrible movies of all time — Entertainment Weekly dubbed it the “Citizen Kane” of bad movies — “The Room XXX Parody: The Bed Room” consciously taps into the attempted humor and eroticism of Tommy’s Wiseau’s opus.  

Written and directed by Lee Roy Myers, the spoof stars Ela Darling, Tabitha Stevens, Seth's Beard and Anthony Rosano in “the closest game of two-hand touch you have ever seen,” the studio jokes.

The original film centered on Johnny (Wiseau), a banker, and his fiancée Lisa, who live a pleasant life in S.F., marked by frequent drawn-out slow-jam-type lovemaking. However, Lisa abruptly decides to stir up trouble by pursuing Johnny’s best friend, Mark.

Throw in bizarre, poorly integrated sub plots and secondary characters — a college-aged voyeuristic next door neighbor, a seemingly schizophrenic psychiatrist, and plenty of aggravated assault — and you’ve got a really entertaining shit show.    

“For the first time in cinematic history, a porn parody may actually be better than the movie it is based on,” WoodRocket jabbed.

“The Room XXX Parody: The Bed Room” is now available to watch for free on WoodRocket.com.