Titcoin Fan Sponsors Giveaway

NEW YORK — Cryptocurrency provider Titcoin announced that one of its users known as Risen Birds, has decided to personally sponsor a giveaway with a bounty of 6,900 free Titcoins up for grabs.

The giveaway offers 100 individuals the chance to receive 69 Titcoins each. Contestants have to create a funny, serious or sexy image meme, that raises awareness of both Titcoin and cryptocurrencies in a positive light. Memes should not be hardcore, negative, offensive or racist.

Once the mem is created, it can be tweeted to both Risen Birds @RisenBirds and Titcoin @OfficialTitcoin. Risen Birds will pick the 100 winners. The top three memes will get an additional 1,000 Titcoins each. The top three memes will be judged on originality, creativity and reach/exposure on social media.

Winners will be tweeted by Risen Birds retweets and must reply to the original tweet with thier Titcoin wallet address. Within 48 hours of receiving a Titcoin address, winners will receive their Titcoins.

“We love the response we’ve been getting and Risen Birds is a huge supporter,” Titcoin's Edward Mansfield said. “We’re really honored he created this contest and appreciate all his support. This will definitely help get the word out and I’m curious to see how creative people get with the memes.”