Sportsheets' Julie Stewart to Discuss ‘Material Matters’ at CatalystCon West

LOS ANGELES — Sportsheets President Julie Stewart is a featured speaker at CatalystCon West, to be held Sept. 11-14 in L.A.

Stewart will speak alongside Alicia Relles, Coyote Amrich and Dr. Robert Morgan Lawrence on Sunday, Sept. 14, on the panel, “Material Matters.”

“In the past few years, the sex toy industry has seen more innovation and mainstream acceptance than all previous years combined,” the panel description reads on the CatalystCon site.

It continues, “While a stronger grasp of design and functionality has been reached, an understanding of the materials they are made from seems to have become cloudy and full of misinformation. Materials have often been talked about, debated and discussed, but many of these conversations have focused around the notion of ‘toxicity,’ rather than actual information about these materials, and why they are used.”

“I am so proud to be part of CatalystCon West,” Julie Stewart said. “It’s such a wonderful event that brings enthusiastic speakers, attitudes and attendees together. The diversity of thoughts, ideas and intellect are second to none. Our panel’s goal is help people become more educated consumers, buyers, writers and sex educators. The materials we put into our bodies do matter, and this panel will open the door for further knowledge and encouraging forethought before purchasing a product or writing about it.”

Held at The Westin Los Angeles Airport, the “Material Matters” panel discussion will take place in the National Room from 11 a.m.–12:10 p.m.

“As designs and the next great technological advances are made and used, production materials are often not addressed — or worse, incorrectly stated or misunderstood,” Stewart added. “It’s not just an issue of toxicity — it’s about sensitivities, allergies, differences in products made in the U.S. or overseas, and more. I am looking forward to being on the ‘Material Matters’ panel with these other distinguished speakers, so we can educate as well as hear the feedback from the attendees.”

A semi-annual conference, CatalystCon unites sex educators, sexologists, sex workers, writers, activists, pleasure products manufacturers, individuals from the the adult industry and others for a weekend-long convergence of sex-positive discourse.

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Immediately after presenting at CatalystCon West, Sportsheets will be showcased at the fall International Lingerie Show, held at the Rio Hotel Convention Center in Las Vegas Sept. 15–17.

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