Jodi Taylor in ‘Doctor Who’ Parody

Stephen Yagielowicz

VENICE, Calif. — In a parody that is sure to please science fiction fans, Jodi Taylor stars in WoodRocket’s “Doctor Who” parody, entitled, “Doctor Whore.”

Television’s longest running series, originally airing in 1963 and continuing today, delighting generations of fans over the years, British time traveling sci-fi fantasy show “Doctor Who” has finally yielded a porn parody.

It was a project that struck a special chord with starlet Jodi Taylor, who says it is one of her favorite TV shows.

“‘Doctor Whore’ was so much fun!” Jodi reveals. “I was like a kid in a candy shop.”

“Doctor Whore” was directed by Lee Roy Meyers, who paired Jodi with Richie Calhoun.

The video is said to have “officially passed the geek test,” with positive fan reviews of the costumes, production values and Doctor Who-themed pillow talk — while some fans are enchanted by Jodi’s resemblance to the show’s original character, which she portrays.

“I’m a huge fan of ‘Doctor Who’ and it was icing on the cake that I got to be my favorite character in the whole show — ‘Amy Pond,’” she says. “She’s my favorite Doctor Who companion, I cried when she left.”

“Woodrocket is a great company, we just had fun with this. It was like porno fantasyland,” Jodi explains. “I wasn’t even aware that we were making porno, I was just off in my own little wonderland.”

Jodi also has a new video with Mike Adriano on Bang Bros’ Pawg site.

“I had more fantastic anal sex with Mike for Bang Bros,” Jodi says. “I love anal so much now, it’s become a second pussy.”

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