Layton Benton Nominated for ‘Miss FreeOnes,’ ‘Best Webcam Girl’

LOS ANGELES — Layton Benton has been nominated for both “Miss FreeOnes” and “Best Webcam Girl” for the 2014 Miss FreeOnes competition. 

“This has been an amazing year for me,” says Layton. “And if my fans show their love with their votes, that would be the cherry on the delicious chocolate cake that is Layton Benton!”

In Round 1 of the contest, voters will have 20 votes at their disposal to use at the FreeOnes babe section of their favorite stars. However, they will only be able to vote for a model once a day, no matter how many categories they are entered in. The winner of the overall Miss FreeOnes category in Round 1 will receive $1,000; the winner of individual categories will receive $500.

Fans of the black and beautiful “Page Six” porn starlet can vote for her at