R18.com Launches 17 Adult Japanese Channels

Lila Gray

TOKYO — R18.com launched 17 adult video channels on its website, each with a different theme or studio, the site announced today.

R18.com is the English version of the Japan-based adult website DMM.co.jp, which debuted in May and features a wealth of translated Japanese content.

The R18.com channels offer diverse content, such as hardcore, fetish, mature and hentai anime from some of the largest Japanese labels. After subscribing to a channel, members can stream and download all of the videos on the channel, which encompasses a total of 25,000 titles.

“We’ve received a lot of feedback since launching R18.com, and one of the most consistent requests from our customers was for access to large amounts of Japanese adult videos by subscription service,” said Alain Garcia Bariel, manager of the R18.com website.”We’re extremely pleased to be able to offer this functionality on R18.com”

According to Alain, channels are updated on a regular basis, releasing 30 to 200 new titles per channel every month. All content is accessible through a streamlined e-commerce interface and a feature-rich search engine on R18.com, allowing customers to find unique titles by category, actress, series and other parameters.

Parent company DMM offers more than porn. The Tokyo firm, in business for more than 15 years, is a service provider for 3D printing, car rentals, solar panels and mainstream DVD releases.