Titcoin Founders Talk Crypto, Music

Stephen Yagielowicz

NEW YORK — Perhaps because many diehard music fans are purveyors of porn, the music and adult entertainment industries have always gone hand in hand.

Thus it was no surprise when Soundrcrave Magazine hit up the founders of Titcoin to sit down for an interview for the site that is quickly becoming the go-to source for commercial and underground band news, reviews and more.

Launched in 2014, Titcoin is digital currency designed specifically for the adult industry.

In the interview, Soundcrave readers are given an education in cryptocoinage and why Titcoin is quickly becoming the newest digital currency to gain traction in the adult entertainment world.

In addition, a rare personal glimpse of Titcoin founders Edward Mansfield and Richard Allen occurs when they discuss their music tastes.

“The media response we’re getting has been nothing short of amazing, and we’re extremely happy,” says Mansfield. “Richard and I really enjoyed the Soundcrave interview because we were able to talk about another love of ours, music.”

“We’re very pleased with how the interview turned out and hope to garner a new crop of Titcoin users,” Mansfield added.

Like Bitcoin, Titcoin is a cryptocurrency that allows anonymity and privacy for the users, while providing websites with more business, since it allows customers to make purchases without a credit card or bank account, and boosts profits by preventing chargebacks.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, however, Titcoin reportedly enjoys far speedier transactions, allowing merchants to get their money in under six minutes, without any unnecessary waiting — compared to the 10 minutes or more that some cryptocurrencies require.

Titcoin was also recently profiled on CNET’s 404 Show, where the popular podcast brought Titcoin a new audience of millions of people around the world, with hosts Jeff Baker and Justin Yu discussing porn’s new payment mechanism and posing questions about the cryptocurrency.

This is just the latest media attention to be focused on Titcoin, with the company profiled in a variety of venues, including Men’sHealth Magazine, Vice Magazine, Gizmodo, Bustle and XBIZ.

For more information, visit Titcoin.xxx.