Kheper Games Releases Three Wishes

Ariana Rodriguez

SEATTLE – Kheper Games has announced the release of its latest romance game, Three Wishes.

Three Wishes is a boxed card game set with 52 wish cards that include: 26 for him and 26 for her. The unique element of the game though is in how the wishes are reviewed, the company says.

A red magic lamp decoder is included that reveals three wish options that the “genie” uses to decide which wish to grant. For example, a man may review cards like “Something Strip-tastic” and “Sex Around the House” but then decide on “Oral Sex for Him”. He submits the card to her, the genie, and she uses the magic lamp to reveal three wish options. She then decides to select either Wish 1: “He is Seated,” Wish 2: “69” or Wish 3: “She licks his testicles while he masturbates.”

“Our customers like our romance games because we offer a wide variety of new things couples can try in the bedroom,” states CEO Brian Pellham. “Feedback we’ve received through various training events and store visits recently revealed an interesting product desire. Some customers would like more freedom to choose between actions they perform. Three Wishes offers the variety most couple’s seek while still allowing the power of selection.”

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