Bathmate Attends Eldorado Training Camp

Lila Gray

NEW YORK — Bathmate announced that its team recently attended Eldorado’s training camp held at the latter’s warehouse in Broomfield, Colo.

While at the event, Bathmate performed live water demos in a fish tank, showing attendees how its water pressure penis pump works.

Demos were also done for the new gravity-fed Bathmate Hydrodouche.

“The customers learned about Bathmate and experienced  a real hands-on visual and tactile experience,” said Richie Harris, U.S. sales associate for Brand One, Bathmate’s stateside distribution partner. 

“Training is so important to sales success,” added Larry Garland, owner of Eldorado. “The event was fun, informative and most professional at every level.”

According to a release, more than 40 retailers from across the U.S. attended the event.