Teagan Presley Heads to Oklahoma

OKLAHOMA CITY — First time cities for Adam & Eve contract star Teagan Presley are still something special — one of the only firsts left in a feature dancing career that stands at seven years, and hundreds of cities deep.

This weekend, however, marks the star’s first appearance at Oklahoma City’s Little Darlings.

“This is one of those cities where the timing was never right, and we’ve just never made it happen,” Presley says. “Finally, after years of me requesting it and fans requesting me to the club, I get to appear for four nights."

“I am so excited,” she added.

Presley appears this Thursday, August 28 through Sunday, August 31.

Little Darlings is located at 1500 SE 59th Street in Oklahoma City.

For more information or VIP reservations, call (405) 670-3600 or visit www.littledarlingsoklahoma.com.