'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Interviewed by Cumming2getherTV.com

LOS ANGELES — "Teen Mom" Farrah Abraham was recently interviewed by Cumming2getherTV.com.

The producers said the interview calls her the "Erotica Queen" and delves into how she started her career from leaking a celebrity sex tape with Vivid Entertainment, to now becoming a best selling author and female entrepreneur.  

"I’m not an adult actress, I’m an every day celebrity whose sex tape took the adult entertainment world by storm (cheers)," Abraham said in the interview.

"You can hate her, or you can love her. But you gotta respect her hustle," Cumming2gether owner Ricky Booker said. "I wanted to do this Q&A interview with Farrah because I was not only interested in hearing more of her story, but also because I feel she doesn't get enough credit for what she is doing. She turned a simple sex tape into now being a New York best selling author, launching her own sex toy line, and pursuing other business ventures."

The full interview can be found here.