Cosmo U.K. Asks Tanya Tate, Samantha Bentley '14 Weird Questions'

Lila Gray

LONDON — Cosmopolitan U.K. queried two leading porn stars that hail from across the pond, Tanya Tate and Samantha Bentley, along with Joybear Pictures Founder Justin Ribeiro, on a number of porn-specific topics.

14 Weird Questions About Life as a Porn Star, Answered by Professionals” kicks off on a controversial note. Cosmo reporter Catriona Harvey-Jenner asks the trio, “Does working in porn mean you can’t enjoy porn or sex yourself?” The answers are diverse, reflecting the individuality and diversity of the industry's performers, often unacknowledged by observers.

Tate insists that she enjoys a wide array of sexual experiences, from romantic to rough, and can still appreciate sex off set. Bentley revealed that she did not have sex off set for over a year because she couldn’t find the intimacy she was seeking, but has recently become open to it.

“I find that now I'm more insecure in the bedroom off camera because I am incredibly self-aware,” Bentley said. “I spend every day learning which angles are good, what side my head needs to be on for lighting and so on and so forth, that I have forgotten how to have real sex!”

The questions don’t get easier. Harvey-Jenner follows up her first heavy-hitter with, “Do you have to cum for real? Has your cum face ever been ‘prettied up’?”

“I think one of the most amazing things porn stars do is specifically to have an orgasm,” Ribeiro replied. “Whether real or fake (but especially if real) I think a performer is at his/her most vulnerable when climaxing and I don't think it's right to interfere with that. Fortunately (in my opinion) we have never had such a terribly off-putting 'come face' that we've had to ask the model if we can re-shoot it. This is one of the reasons I would never go in front of the camera, as I have a sneaky feeling I would be the one to buck that trend.”

Tate, Bentley and Ribeiro offer honest, personal responses to the other 12 questions, that touch on performer’s waxing habits, pre-sex small talk on set, gross co-workers, crew member boners and more.

Unlike Tate who had laser hair removal before entering the industry, Bentley fervently reps her “retro bush,” as she calls it, even taking the opportunity to address all women: “Ladies, love your downstairs and let it grow, if a guy can't appreciate that grown women have hair down there, he does not deserve to be near a woman in the first place,” she told Cosmo.

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