XR Brands Debuts ‘Pussy Juice’ Lube

Bob Johnson

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. —  XR Brands has announced “Pussy Juice,” what the company is calling the first-ever body-safe lubricant specially formulated to mimic the alluring aroma of a healthy vagina.

Following months of research, development and refinement, XR Brands said its chemists were able to expertly simulate this scent of arousal in a paraben-free and glycerin-free formula.

Pussy Juice features heat and motion activation that releases a subtle and alluring scent when friction is applied. Ideal for male masturbation enhancement, Pussy Juice can be used with anatomical masturbators for an experience that looks, feels — and now smells — incredibly close to the real thing, according to XR.

The product boasts a body-friendly formulation void of the clinical look, odor and texture of traditional water-based lubricants.

“Pussy Juice not only heightens the touch sense, but also adds a whole other level of realism to sex and masturbation by incorporating the sense of smell,” general manager Randy Alvstad said.

He added, “This has been an exhilarating scientific project for us, as well as the selection of customers who helped us perfect the official aroma, and the final results have been exciting to share with the industry. Some exclaim that it’s exactly like a healthy vulva while others detect unique undertones — the scent is in the nose of the beholder, so to speak, which is one of the reasons why Pussy Juice is so much more than a novelty lubricant.”

The company explained that Pussy Juice’s scent molecules activate when the lubricant is rubbed between fingers or intimate areas and remains relatively odorless in the bottle. The lubricant can be used on toys, hands, body parts, or a partner, and cleans up with soap and water.

For more information about Pussy Juice, email Alvstad at randy@xrllc.com.

To place an order, contact a preferred sales representative, or email info@xrbrands.com.