Titcoin in Men’s Health Magazine

Stephen Yagielowicz

NEW YORK — Upstart cryptocurrency Titcoin has further increased its profile with the recent interview of its co-founder, Edward Mansfield, by Men’s Health Magazine.

The article, entitled “The Disappearing Paying Porn Consumer — Who Actually Pays for Porn Anymore? An Investigation,” delves into cryptocurrency as a way to anonymously buy adult products and services, and says that Titcoin “isn’t any more traceable than a dollar bill stuffed into a stripper’s G-string.”

“If Titcoin helps the adult industry by getting people to pay for goods or services, rather than stealing them, we’re all for it,” says Mansfield. “Titcoin isn’t just for the consumer, but for the industry also. We’re going to be announcing some new partnerships very soon.”

According to the company, Titcoin was launched in June of 2014 and is a digital currency that is designed specifically for the adult industry. Like Bitcoin, it is a cryptocurrency that provides anonymity and privacy for users, allowing websites to garner more business by enabling customers to make purchases without a credit card or bank account. Merchants profits are protected since there are no chargebacks.

In other Titcoin news, last week, Bluetrade (Titcoin’s currency exchange) announced that it is now allowing direct Titcoin to U.S. Dollar conversions, with Titcoin reportedly now the only adult currency that can be converted into Dollars.

For more information, visit www.titcoin.xxx.