FCC Extends Net Neutrality Comment Period

Rhett Pardon

WASHINGTON — The Federal Communications Commission has added more days for interested parties to weigh on the proposal for new net-neutrality rules governing ISPs.

So far, the FCC has nearly 1.2 million comments intended to influence the FCC's chair and board, which voted in May to advance new rules that would ban ISPs from blocking or throttling websites but allow them to make deals with content providers for preferential treatment.

The new deadline for comments is Monday, Sept. 15, which extends a previous one by three days. Originally, the schedule had a fixed deadline of July 15.

“To ensure that members of the public have as much time as was initially anticipated to reply to initial comments in these proceedings, the Bureau today is extending the reply comment deadline by three business days,” the FCC said.

There have been so many responses that the FCC had made  sets of comments available on its site in six XML files.

To comment, click here, or go to Public Knowledge's website, which offers additional resources to reach your local congressional representative.