Marcus Allen Makes First Court Appearance in Murder Charge

John Stuart
DENVER — Former gay adult performer Marcus Allen, whose real name is Timothy Boham, made his first appearance in court today on the charges of first degree murder against him.

Boham, 25, was arrested Nov. 16 on allegations that he gunned down his employer, prominent Denver businessman John Kelso, the weekend before his arrest.

“He was formally advised of the charges against him and they set a date for his next court appearance, which will be a preliminary hearing,” Denver District Attorney spokesperson Lynn Kimbrough told XBIZ. “That’s schedule for Jan. 17 in Denver County Court.”

Kimbrough said that Boham will not receive an arraignment at which he can enter a plea for “another couple of months.”

The exact charges made today against Boham were first degree murder after deliberation, first degree felony murder and aggravated robbery, Kimbrough said.

Boham will be held without bail, under the Colorado statute which states that a first degree murder charge is a no-bond charge. He will be held in the Denver County jail.

The former gay performer who appeared in films such as “Little Big League” and “Ripe” was arrested at the U.S.-Mexico border checkpoint at Lukeville, Ariz. three days after Kelso’s body was discovered by his housekeeper in his upscale Denver home. Police believe Boham broke into Kelso’s home and shot the 43-year-old to death sometime between Nov. 11-13.

Boham waived extradition last week and returned to Colorado over the weekend, according to Kimbrough.

Kelso, who was president of Professional Recovery Systems, recently had hired Boham as a debt collector.