Penny Poison Proffers Sword Swallowing Skills

NEW YORK — Centerfold Features presents Penny Poison, a multi-talented sword swallower with the ability to do splits while swallowing swords, and who is also well versed in the art of fire manipulation, including fire eating, breathing and retention, and she is also a bull whip artist.

Walking on broken glass is one of her many talents but her feet aren’t the only part of her that is impervious to the jagged edges of broken glass, as she will eat a light bulb before your very eyes.

Close-up and inches from your face, watch Penny Poison hammer solid steel nails up her nose, (Blockhead act), or even use an occasional power drill.

Penny Poison will also stroll through your club and allow your guests to staple cards and other objects to her body, and is happy to pose for pictures with club guests after her performances and sign autographs.

For more information, pricing or to book sexy circus sideshow act Penny Poison to headline at your club, visit or call (877) 427-8747.