Raging Stallion Unveils 'Gran Vista'

John Sanford

SAN FRANCISCO — Raging Stallion has announced the release of its newest full-length feature, “Gran Vista.”

Raging Stallion and director Bruno Bond bring together seven men from Spain, Brazil, Hungary and The Netherlands to a country estate in the foothills of the mountains in Northern Spain and present what they are calling “one of the most picturesque movies in the studio’s history.” 

Newly signed Raging Stallion exclusive Dario Beck leads a cast that includes European performers Abraham Al Malek, Lucas Fox, Goran, Donato Reyes, Toby Dutch and Lucio Saints.

“Gran Vista” marks the debut performance of Dario Beck as a Falcon Studios Group Exclusive.  Beck is an olive-skinned, Spanish stud who bottomed Al Malek in his first scene released in July as a world premiere event on RagingStallion.com. Dario’s other scene in “Gran Vista” is with Goran, who tops Dario.

Al Malek dives into the sparkling water of the infinity edge pool then emerges in front of the waiting Beck who quickly loses his swimsuit so Abraham can service him poolside. Reyes surrenders to Lucas Fox in another encounter. 

The action continues with Dario taking on Goran and Saints enjoying Toby Dutch.

From the Spanish countryside setting with the epic view of the tree-filled valley, to the muscular bodies of the men by the perfectly clear blue water, the company says everything in “Gran Vista” is grand in scale.   

“This is an amazing movie, and I am very proud of it!” Bond said. “We have some of the best-looking European men on the planet, having sex outdoors in the Spanish countryside on a gorgeous once-in-a-lifetime poolside estate.  These are men in the prime of their lives getting it on with reckless abandon in a gorgeous natural setting.”

“Bruno Bond has delivered one of the most beautifully filmed movies in the 15 year history of Raging Stallion Studios,” said Raging Stallion founder and president, Chris Ward.  “The entire movie is as captivating as it is hot. It’s a first for Raging Stallion to have a full pool movie and it gives fans the high-energy, intense sex of Raging Stallion with hairy and rough guys set against a stunning backdrop.  Major kudos to Bond, and I expect he may be seeing some award nominations for this release.”

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