Nasstoys Releases 'Geisha Strokers' for Men

Lila Gray

NEW YORK — Nasstoys has released two new Anime-inspired Geisha Stroker masturbation sleeves for men who have sexual fantasies of the Asian persuasion.

The manufacturer unveiled the two new strokers at the recent ANME Founders Show in Burbank, Calif. Both the Geisha Tight Stroker and Geisha Doggie Style Stroker are now available for immediate shipment.

"With the plethora of new novelties for ladies made available, we want men to know we haven't forgotten about their needs," said Kathryn Hartman, director of sales and marketing for Nasstoys. "The Geisha Girl Strokers are the perfect accent to compliment the walls of retailers who have a section in their store catering to the Asian video genre.” She suggests retailers “stock them next to your Asian or Anime DVDs as an easy up sell."

The new Geisha Strokers are made of Nasstoys' “Better Than Real Skin” TPR material, which is waterproof, soft, stretchy and can fit most men. The tunnel of each Geisha Stroker is textured; The seven-inch Doggie Style Stroker features a ribbed tunnel and the six-inch Tight Stroker features soft nodules inside.

"The fantasy of an erotic tryst with a Geisha girl has been around longer than most of us have been alive," continued Hartman. "We are here to fulfill those fantasies for men who have them today.”

For more information about the Geisha Doggie Style Stroker or Geisha Tight Stroker, contact a local distributor or email