Sportsheets President Julie Stewart Interviewed in Cosmo

Ariana Rodriguez

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. – Sportsheets President Julie Stewart offered BDSM advice for first-timers in an article for Cosmopolitan magazine titled “7 Quick and Easy Ways to Experiment With Kink.”

“Look at it like a meal. If you've never tried crab legs, you might not want to eat, like, six other things that you've never tried either, because I imagine it would take away from the crab legs," Stewart told Cosmo.

Stewart also advises newbies to experiment with the dominant and submissive roles.

"One person may be giving up a little bit and letting the other person be more dominant," says Stewart. "And I think there's something to say about all of this. It isn't always 'Well, the woman always does this, and the man always does this.' Like sex positions, it doesn't have the be the man this way and the women this way. It can be you try it, than he tries it."

Stewart also suggests blindfolds and ball gags, tickling, temperature play with frozen fruit, anal play and most essential – lube.

"Lube should be considered a household object. That shouldn't be a sex toy. Lubricant is like having soap and moisturizer in your house, I think. Everybody should have it. It's like having butter and milk in your refrigerator."