Alpha Blue Archives Releases Lost Ed Wood, Jr. Sex Films

OAKLAND, Calif. — Alpha Blue Archives Inc., a DVD label specializing in lost sex films of the '70s and '80s, has announced four new DVD releases featuring rare x-rated films by cult horror and erotic film director Ed Wood, Jr.

The releases include Wood’s films “The Young Marrieds,” “Necromania,” “Nympho Cycler” and “The Undergraduate,” with each disc containing additional complete films of the starlets and other bonus features.

A video trailer for all four releases is available on the Alpha Blue Archives website.

“The Young Marrieds” features Alice Friedland in one of her few explicit performances, presented in a digital 16mm transfer alongside four other Alice Friedland sex films, and topped off with bonus scenes.

“Nympho Cycler” features Wood and Casey Larrain, and is presented in a digital 16mm transfer that also includes three additional films starring Casey Larrain.

Hokey horror/sex hybrid “Necromania” stars Rene Bond and Ric Lutz visiting necromancer Maria Arnold to help improve their love life. Shot in both soft and hardcore versions, the DVD contains a digital 16mm transfer of the softcore version, all of the alternate hardcore scenes, plus three rare films featuring sexy necromancer Maria Arnold.

Reportedly shot under the guise of being “educational” to avoid legal trouble, “The Undergraduate” takes place in a sex-ed class and segues into explicit scenes with starlets Suzanne Fields and Eve Orlon. The disc also includes three additional Suzanne Fields films.

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