Schapelle Corby in Penthouse?

Stephen Yagielowicz

CANBERRA — After learning about Schapelle Corby’s apparent difficulties in finding work in Bali since being released on parole, legendary men’s magazine Australian Penthouse has reportedly reached out to the convicted drug smuggler with the offer of a lucrative modeling and spokesperson role.

Corby’s case made headlines in Australia a decade ago in 2004, after being arrested in Bali following a Customs seizure of 4.1kg of marijuana from her body-board bag. Corby disclaimed any knowledge of the drugs or how they got into her bag (with airline baggage handlers coming under suspicion), but she was still found guilty as charged — and has reportedly not yet responded to the Penthouse posing offer.

The magazine, which celebrates 35 years of publishing in Australia this year, has offered Corby the coveted cover-model position in an upcoming issue, as well as the opportunity for paid promotional appearances.

“We are sympathetic to Schapelle’s situation and would love to help her,” the magazine’s publisher Damien Costas said. “We strongly believe Schapelle’s presence on the cover of Penthouse would be a win-win for both parties, as well as providing her with generous remuneration.”

“Since her release from jail, Schapelle has kept her face covered in public,” Costas added. “We believe this a great opportunity to remind Australia and the world what an attractive woman she still is.”

Given that Corby must remain in Bali on parole until 2017, Penthouse magazine has offered to fly its photographic and styling team to Bali to shoot the 37-year-old Gold Coast beautician in the lush tropical surroundings.

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