Pure Play Media, Trouble Films Set to Street 'Doing It Again 2'

VAN NUYS, Calif. — Pure Play Media and Trouble Films will street “Doing It Again 2” on Aug. 14.

The queer sequel explores the erotic intricacies of trans women’s intimate lifestyles, from relationships to hookups, and paints a holistic portrait of what it truly means to identify as a sex-centric trans woman.

Starring in the film are Erica, Avery Stone, Syd Viscous, Anai Sebightee, Valentine, Billie Holder, Abby Leth, Lexy Black and Pi.

“It’s exciting to have a studio like Trouble Films in our roster to give customers direct access to some of the best and most respected LGBT content in the industry,” said Mike L., Pure Play Media sales representative.

He added, “Founder Courtney Trouble pays special attention to the intricate details of the queer lifestyle and ‘Doing It Again 2’ paints an enticingly clear picture of trans women’s sexuality. It streets Aug. 14 so get your orders in today.”

Trouble Films is available exclusively in the U.S. through Pure Play Media.

For wholesale sales information, email mike@pureplaymedi.com, or call (800) 929-3267, ext. 2224.