Beamonstar Offering Summer Sale on Flagship Brands

Bob Johnson

PHOENIX — Beamonstar Products announced a promotion on its two flagship brands SexVoltz  and Velextra, offering a 50 percent discount on the 10-count and new 60-count bottles.

"Beamonstar is set on making this summer a true summer of love," CEO Jeff Bolanos said. "The kids are at summer camp, people are on vacation and we want to make it easier for our customers to get the most bang for the buck...literally. That means great low prices on our best selling and award winning product lines."

The company said SexVoltz is a proprietary herbal blend that was specifically developed for men who prefer an all-natural approach to boost sexual performance. The fast-acting formula offers a nonprescription alternative treatment that is perfect for men with reservations about taking prescription drugs.

For the ladies, Velextra is an all-natural supplement designed specifically for women to enhance pleasure, reignite youthful sexual desire, excite passion and increase overall sexual intensity.

"We are really excited to be introducing the 60-Count bottles for both SexVoltz and Velextra," sales manager Clint Strunk said. "Our enhancement products always have a much better effect when they are used daily, so at the reduced price customers can get the most bang for their buck as well as experience the pleasure that has made Beamonstar an industry leader in sexual health for almost a decade."

Both brands come with special packaging, marketing materials, consumer education products, and provide a 100 percent money back guarantee.

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