FameDollars Relaunches RoccoSiffredi.com

Bob Johnson

MONTREAL — Gamma Entertainment’s FameDollars affiliate program today announced the relaunch of RoccoSiffredi.com.

The new site boasts an updated sleek design on both the free tour and member's areas, improving the overall user experience.

"I was the first director from Evil Angel who came on board with FameDollars for my site and I haven't been disappointed since," Siffredi said.

He added, "In fact, the success of my site led to Evil Angel joining forces with FameDollars as well. When you find a partner who knows how to represent your brand and listens to your creative vision, you stick with them. I am very pleased with the upgrade of my site and I hope affiliates, members and surfers share the same sentiment."

The new site also displays popular category landing pages with graphic imagery that matches each niche annex, allowing users to find their favorite content.

Affiliates are now able to send their traffic specifically to their targeted niche, resultling in better conversions, FameDollars said.

"Rocco Siffredi has the most passionate yet hardcore content out there and our job is to ensure that his site is optimized to its maximum potential," said Magalie Rheault, director of product and development.

She added, "Our partnership has flourished since and we intend to keep that fruitful trajectory by keeping up with new trends and applying new strategies to our repertoire of sites."

An archive of all of Siffredi's movies is also part of the new site, accessible on smartphones and Android devices.

Promotional marketing materials are available through FameDollars.com. For specific creative requests, email Derrick Gilbert at derrick@famedollars.com.