ElectricDistro Announces Plus-Size Mannequin

NEW YORK — ElectricDistro.com announced that it has expanded its Hot Mannequin line to include a plus-size model.

Named ”Donna,” the realistic mannequin serves the growing market for plus-size lingerie and apparel by displaying items on a realistic plus-size body shape.

The company said customers and retailers alike will appreciate an in-store display that accurately portrays the fit of plus-size apparel.

“Body acceptance among women is on the rise and they re looking for items that speak directly to them. Hot Mannequin figures are modeled after modern-day women and that includes women that are big and beautiful,” an ElectroDistro representative said.

He added, “Hot Mannequin figures are the most lifelike retail mannequins around with believable curves and various poses that offer better views of what the outfit will look like when worn.”

The mannequins come in various skin tones and hair color, and include male versions. Each have their own “personality,” some with smiles. Each model is individually named including Donna, Jacqueline, Jaime, Barbie and Michelle.

For more product information, visit HotMannequin.com.