Sex Toy Blogger Claims $25K Salary

Lila Gray

LINCOLNSHIRE, England — What’s better than sitting at home and buzzing yourself to orgasm seven hours a week? Getting paid for it. And what’s better than getting paid for it? Getting paid a heck of a lot for it, naturally.

British mother of two, Cara Houiellebe, recently told the New York Daily News that she rakes in $25K a year for testing and blogging about the latest and greatest sex toys on the market.

According to 33-year-old Houiellebe, who used to work in a bank, manufacturers from across the U.K. send her free sex toys to be reviewed on her website, which she spends about sever hours a week testing and reviewing.  

She launched her own blog in February after working for a sex toy-related company, where she met her current partner. They report that her job tends to help rather than hinder their intimacy. And an additional occupation perk — Houiellebe clocks in about 15 orgasms a week.  

“Toys have always been a part of my private sex life,” Houiellebe told the NY Daily News. “It gave me the idea to start writing about my sex life, and I had the idea to start testing sex toys.”

Now an established sex toy tester, Houiellebe says she has become a go-to product resource for her friends, and frequently fields questions about what toys are best, cheapest and even how to repair them.

When queried about her personal faves, Houiellebe highlighted the Doxy Wand and iGino One.